Ian Fisher

By Bob . |

Burlington Mortgage Centre was recommended by a friend. In the midst of a separation I found myself having to arrange a new mortgage on my existing home on very short notice. Bob met with me soon after our initial contact call and looked at what my local branch was offering. I was facing a poor blended rate or heavy early cancellation fee, Bob went to work, almost immediately obtaining a big discount on the cancellation fee as well as a better rate than the branch was offering even if I had paid them the full cancellation fee. I had banked with the same branch for over a decade and figured they would have given me their best deal. Instead, Bob Beach will have saved me literally thousands of dollars over the five-year term, kept my monthly payments as low as possible and has given me the best chance possible of holding on to my home while my kids finish high school. Give Bob a tray and do the math yourself. There are apps that let you work out how much interest you can save over the term of your mortgage. I'm still amazed at the difference and I'll never take the rate the branch is offering ever again.

Thanks Bob!