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Choosing the most appropriate and beneficial lender for your finances is an integral component of your mortgage situation. I can offer access to over 30 lenders, all of whom I have established quality relationships with and receive platinum treatment.  The quality and benefits obtained through the excellent relationships I have with each lender is what I pride myself in being able to pass on to my clients. I ensure that my clients receive the best treatment and are presented with all their options, giving them the opportunity to make the smartest financial decisions for their situation and financial goals. My reputation with each lender and my expertise in the mortgage field ensures that my clients can enjoy a stress free experience while applying for mortgages.

Below you will find a sampling of some of the lenders I work closely with to provide you with the most optimal solution to manage your finances and make your dreams a reality.

td scotia national
centric mcap merix
hometrust icsavings equitable
street optimum firstontario
firstnational meridian b2b
cmls rmg Street Savings

If you are in the market for a mortgage, don’t go it alone. Contact a mortgage specialist to guide you through the process, ensuring you receive the best possible mortgage offering possible.